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Options for Dental Implants


At Bonita Smiles Dentistry, we understand that considering your tooth replacement options generally does not rank at the top of everybody’s list when it comes to exciting decisions to make. However, ensuring that you have a confident and beautiful smile can help to relieve an immense amount of stress and restore your self-confidence. That is why we are dedicated to offering all of the best options that modern dental science can provide. 

While many patients feel like they are doomed to having to wear dentures, we are pleased to inform them that dental implants are simply the best option for improving and recreating your smile!

The Basics Of Implants

Dental implants are specialized dental devices that are used to replace and restore your teeth. While dentures just replace the upper, visible portion of the tooth, implants restore the entire structure. One of the most significant drawbacks of dentures is that you no longer have any roots of your teeth that are anchored into the bone under your gums. Your body quickly recognizes that there is no need to support this bone, and the process of resorption begins. This means that your body actually starts to remove the bone mass in your jaw.

In contrast to dentures, dental implants are made of two different pieces, the titanium post, and the implant crown. The post looks like a small screw. This is inserted into the bone underneath your gums, and a small portion of the post sticks out above the gum tissue. The post is treated with a special coating that not only stops the process of resorption but actually begins to build new and strong bone.

This new bone helps to hold the post in place securely. Once the post has healed into your jaw, the implant crown is placed on top of the post. The crown looks, feels, and functions just like your natural teeth. Dental implants stay put in your mouth, so you do not have to pull them out at night to clean them, or use special adhesives to keep them in place. Instead, just brush and floss as you do for natural teeth.

Types Of Implants

There are two basic types of dental implants. The kind described above is an endosteal implant. However, sometimes, patients do not have enough bone material to have an implant placed so that it stays securely in place. These patients can opt for bone grafting or subperiosteal implants.

This type of implant does not use a post that is anchored into the bone. Instead has a special “saddle” that is placed underneath the gum tissue but sits on top of the bone.

Additionally, there are a few different approaches to dental implants. They can be used to replace a single tooth, a few teeth in alignment, or all of your teeth. If you require that all of your teeth be restored, you can use the single tooth dental implant approach. This process simply places on the implant for every tooth that is required.

If this is not the approach you choose, you may want to consider the All-on-4 approach. This dental implant system utilizes four strategically located posts across one arch of your mouth. Then a special device is created that looks much like dentures. However, this system is fit for the four posts, so it is held securely in place and does not require the same level of care that dentures require.


If you have been considering your tooth replacement options, then call Bonita Smiles Dentistry in Chula Vista, CA today. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping you get the smile that you want, so you can start living the life you deserve.

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